ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N – Personalized Planner

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Are you ready to focus on you, your leadership potential, your vision, and the bigger impact you can make on your team and your organization?

With brain thinking type assessments, habits scorecards, daily-weekly-monthly scheduler, and proprietary prompts for personal growth, we have designed this personalized planner to path your SUPERHUMɅIN™ Leadership journey from who you are to where you mean to be.

Use the ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N planner every day to:
• Supercharge your mindset for positivity, focus and confidence;
• Strategically create your personal leadership plan for leading effectively and thriving in the era of change;
• Capture new ideas, lessons learned throughout the week, and moments of gratitude to inspire the people you lead;
• Identify the growth areas that scientifically matter most to achieving long-term and sustainable impact;

  • 2-in-1 planner features day schedule + morning and evening journal prompts
  • Undated, so you can buy now and use any time of year
  • 60-day planner – 217 gorgeous pages. 8.4″x11.5″ size only.



Brain Thinking is at the heart of business. We acknowledge that while different tasks require different mental processes, and different people prefer different kinds of thinking, organizations will get better results when executives can strategically leverage the full spectrum of thinking available.
Through our BRAINO₂ assessment, you will:

• Discover your natural leadership thinking patterns and foundations, diagnose your leadership tasks;
• Learn how to stretch to other thinking types when necessary, and to adapt occasionally to and take advantage of the preferences of those around you
• Boost your capacity to change and move to a higher level of your leadership performance;

The deeper understanding you gain of the whole brain thinking preferences, the easier it will be for you to create an energized environment where your team can synergize the very best version of themselves.



Daily Pages

The heart of the planner is your DAILY Page, which you’ll see, includes your goals and priorities. The pages are customized to how your brain operates and what your brain needs to maximize effectiveness.

Weekly Pages

The weekly page helps you capture the great moments, real challenges, and lessons learned from each week. These pages also contain an assessment for your SUPERHUMɅIN™ Habits.

Monthly Strategy Pages

The Monthly pages help you reflect on the month’s lessons, realign to long-term goals, and assess the major areas of your life. The pages also help you anticipate the major projects and events and deadlines for the upcoming months, so you are prepared to thrive during that particular period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N - Personalized Planner be available in multilingual?

The ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N - Personalized Planner is available in English for the moment.

Does International Order be possible?

The ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N - Personalized Planner is available in most of the countries via this website, so check back.

Can I order my ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N - Personalized Planner while not purchasing the BRAINO₂ Assessment?

In order to become a SUPERHUMɅIN™ Leader, it’s essential as a first step that you gain a thorough understanding of your natural thinking preferences. So, we invite you to complete our well-researched and validated BrainO₂ Assessment.
After completing it, you will gain access to 60 min Virtual Debrief Online with one of our high calibre coaches certified in the SUPERHUMɅIN™ Model & Methodology that will guide you as well on your transformational plan that can be inserted in your ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N - Personalized Planner ordered.
So, to maximize your full leadership potential, we recommend that you purchase this ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N - Personalized Planner while ordering your BRAINO₂ Assessment.

How do I make a bulk order?

You can order up to 20 individual planners at a time on our store, until they sell out. (And they will, fast).
You can order additional copies and receive a big discount by ordering the Full-Year Pack.

Need to Order More than 20?

Need more for your team, family, or company? We do special quantities of over 20 only. Email info@superhumain.org and they'll check quantities and place special orders for you.

Thriving in all you do.

Leading with Impact

SUPERHUMɅIN™ has researched with funding from Neuroscience Institutions and Consulting to determine whether a correlation could be identified between the various temperament models and the interacting brain regions’ combined processing styles.
Beyond our proven research findings, the BRAINO₂ Assessment has been developed – a profiling tool that demonstrates the causal link between the psychology of a person and the neurology of their brain. Then, we put together that knowledge into this workhorse planner for you in an easy-to-understand and truly motivating format.
Our brains have the capacity for neuroplasticity, which means that it can be changed and shaped by the demands you place on it – means that every time you learn something new, your brain makes a new synaptic connection. And each time this happens, our brain physically changes – it upgrades its hardware to reflect a new level of brainpower and performance.

So, we want you to know there is real rigor and neuroscience behind this tool so that you’ll use it.
But this Planner wasn’t shaped just by theory. Over the last 2 years, we gave it to many of our best partners: a start-up entrepreneur, a CEO of a Medium-large Sized Company, a Sales and Marketing VP leading a team of 300 members, CHRO in charge of 3,000 employees. The results they reported were astounding.
The SUPERHUMɅIN™ planner made them feel more focused, more engaged, and more balanced in their daily lives by being more strategic in their approach. They could adopt a growth mindset while capturing promising new opportunities for future success.

“Transformation begins with preparing your mind for change. This planner has been my best companion over the last 2 years since my brain injury helping me to sharpen my cognitive abilities and spark a whole new mindset as a person, father, husband and leader. Overall, I’m getting more done, more resilient and purpose driven. Remember, your life is your story. I hope this planner help you write yours with new possibilities. So, keep in mind, the best version of yourself is yet to come.”