Foster a Neuroleader mindset and culture within your organization

At a time when organizations at all scale and sizes are challenged by increasing business complexity, the best corporate training programs can build brain-friendly environment, while boosting the performance of its managers and improving the bottom line.

At SUPERHUMɅIN™ Institute, we are attuned to the latest world business developments and changes in management thinking.
Our programs help your executives master essential neuroscience and business concepts to prepare them for greater challenges.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

 – Leonardo da Vinci

Our relationships with our clients are typically longstanding and built on mutual trust and commitment to impactful learning.

Companies engage with SUPERHUMɅIN™ Institute in many ways but typically via two main approaches:

Custom Programs

Our custom programs have enabled some of the world’s most influential organizations to drive revolutionary change, take advantage of opportunities, and master their toughest challenges through innovation.

Custom programs are designed (for groups of at least 100 individuals) based on your organization’s specific needs and our course catalog offerings.

We tailor our courses to enhance the learning experience of your employees—such as by adding case studies or stakeholder videos to course materials—and can incorporate your branding into the learning platform, creating a dynamic learning experience that leads to significant, real-world results.

Customization for custom corporate training programs may include:
• Co-branded learning platform, badges, and other program materials
• Flexible start dates and duration
• Progress and engagement reports

Our process


We listen to and learn about your organizational training goals.


We establish clear learning objectives and choose the most effective Wharton Online corporate training program (custom, group, blended) to meet your goals.


Based on your learning objectives and our offerings, we develop a program for your employees.


Once the program launches, your dedicated course manager regularly checks in and provides bi-weekly updates.


As your company’s needs evolve, the program can, too.

We welcome you to request a consultation. Please reach us by using our Inquiry form.

Enterprise Accounts

Corporations sending 20 or more participants to our standard open courses can benefit from an Enterprise Account.

With our self-paced online our practical and proven frameworks can be accessed from anywhere. Individuals can hone skills critical to their role. Teams attending a course together can apply their learnings with greater impact in their organizations.

Benefits of an Enterprise Account include a discount based on the annual commitment, a streamlined enrollment process, and dedicated account management.

We welcome you to request a consultation to learn about group discounts for your company training programs. Please reach us by using our Inquiry form.

Why partner with us?

There are many reasons to offer your executives practical, flexible, and exceptional online learning experiences, including:

Preparing leaders for global responsibilities

Preparing leaders for global responsibilities

Creating alignment around corporate strategy

Creating alignment around corporate strategy

Developing core skills

Developing core skills

Rewarding and retaining employees and teams

Rewarding and retaining employees and teams

Solving complex business problems

Solving complex business problems

Connecting employees to the latest neurosciences for business insights and practical, hands-on learning and more

Connecting employees to the latest neurosciences for business insights and practical, hands-on learning and more

Frequently Asked Questions

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SUPERHUMɅIN™ Online agreements will require the following:

• Identification of a primary contact and a billing contact
• Company address
• Number of participants (contract commitment)
• Timing of cohort(s)
• Additional participant/withdraw/refund policy
• Invoicing and payment terms
• Information on use of name and logo
• Privacy policy for team-based Disruptive Strategy

SUPERHUMɅIN™ Institute agreements are based on a universal, standard template. Redlining, edits, or additional/modified provisions are generally not allowed.

In general, once consensus has been reached on course planning, agreements can be drafted and reviewed in approximately two to four weeks. Requests for non-standard terms or modifications will extend contract review time.