If Learning is power, ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N is your Super Power

Booster program

SUPERHUMɅIN™’s ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N Program is a highly interactive and fully immersive program will show you the latest scientific discoveries that can have a direct impact on your organization.

Work environments are more complex than ever imagined when current leadership models were developed while the external economic landscape has changed forever. A rapidly changing global environment has necessitated the development for more neuroleaders – or SUPERHUMɅIN™ Leaders.

This is why the SUPERHUMɅIN™ ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N virtual program has been developed – it is your opportunity to shape your individual performance, as well as that of your team and organization, using the latest neuroscience of learning, motivation, decision-making and change. Take the next step in your career and experience it for yourself.

SUPERHUMɅIN™ prides itself in rigorous, relevant research which underpins all of our programs. Your online experience ensures you are up-to-date with the latest neuroscience for business insights are fully equipped – in theory, and practice – for the challenges of tomorrow.


With a focus on the leadership development opportunities uncovered by brain research and psychological study, ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N Program will empower you on :

  • Understanding the scope of cognitive flexibility and diversity of thinking in adults brains
  • Improving your leadership capabilities by understanding the science of decision making and change management
  • How to boost, refuel, and re-direct your cognitive resources for better performance
  • Creating an energized environment where people can synergize the very best version of themselves
Key program Master


This program is intended for mid- and senior-level executives who want to gain deeper understanding of their leadership behaviors and gain a competitive edge by understanding how the brain works. This executive training course is also highly applicable to senior HR leaders and individuals who support talent acquisition and retention at the senior level of their companies.


  • Senior vice president, vice president, Senior Director, Director of large corporations;
  • CEO, president, senior vice president, general manager of mid-size companies;
  • Founders or CEOs of rapidly growing, successful entrepreneurial ventures;
  • Other senior managers with leadership responsibility

Fluency in English, written and spoken, is required for participation in this program unless otherwise indicated


You will examine your individual leadership strengths and weaknesses and learn how to be a more grounded Neuroleader. The program equips you with the essential tools to build strong relationships with your team, increase engagement and shape a culture of high performance. You will learn to lead your people by coaching them and helping them develop their potential. The new insights and skills you develop will impact your team’s performance and will empower you to lead with more clarity and conviction.

1. Complete the BrainO₂ Assessment

As part of this program, you will be invited to complete our well-researched and validated BrainO₂ Assessment. After completing it, we will examine your natural thinking preference(s) and the ones to be developed situationally, and how to make more and better choices about those so that we understand and take charge of our charisma and impact on others. Then, you will gain access to 60 min Virtual Debrief Online with one of our high calibre coaches certified in the SUPERHUMɅIN™ Model & Methodology. As creatures of habit, our neural pathways have to rewire in order to transform. What is measured gets done and what is re-assessed gets reinforced.

2. Get access to the self-paced virtual learning modules* inside ɅCTIVɅTIO₂N program

This program is broken down into manageable modules designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse learning activities. Over the duration of this online program, you’ll work through the following modules:

Time: 4-6 Weeks

Understanding how the human brain works in order to maximise our brain's potential
Discovering our AGES Model for better application of long-term learning
Learning strategies on habit change to find what it really takes to make a fresh start.
Discovering your thinking approach and natural preferences as a leader and how to empower staff to meet their neural needs, build trust and enhance effective relationships.
Finding how to create a robust feedback culture that is centered on continuous learning and top performance.

*Please note that module titles and their contents are subject to change during course development.

In each module, you will become proficient with concepts and tools. You will deploy them in your workplace immediately through structured exercises. Every week you will see for yourself (as will your colleagues) the impact you are making.